Play Synopsis
Front Room is a slice of Jamaican life that is nostalgic, spirited, tangy, real and hilariously funny. Set in the inner city of down-town Kingston, Front Room gives an authentic view of a tenement yard situation when the biggest room in the yard becomes vacant.

This front room carries a perception of prestige and is the envy to not only the tenants in the yard but the entire area. Miss Pinky (a tenant in the yard), a bible touting born again Christian firmly believes she is next in line to get the front room given her “hush-hush” relationship with the landlord Mr. Keys. It would also create a good impression on her niece Peaches who will be coming from the country to stay with her while she attends nursing school in Kingston.

Miss Pinky is therefore very infuriated when she is side stepped by Mr. Keys and the front room is rented to a total stranger, Miss Melva. These are all the ingredients needed for a roller-coaster ride filled with drama and laughter, all larger and more genuine than life itself.

It is the tug-an-war for the front room that develops the characters and scenes in Front Room. Of course there are conflicts in relationships among the people, but this does not prevent the community from uniting itself when a member of the yard is threatened. It is the Jamaica of today that is mirrored in ‘Front Room’, the real builders, the real people who stalwartly take life’s problems as they come, solve them the best way possible and move on in their particular way of improving their quality of life.
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